Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer: A story behind the scenes: Tears, Vomit and a Cop

Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer ‘s A story behind the scenes: tears, Vomit, and a COP

It was one of those mornings. Terrible Crappy Mornings. You know the one that only moms can have.

I am a Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer and I was up in the mountains of Winter Park shooting at the property of the amazing Sunspot. Sharee Davenport ( HAMAZING wedding photographer  ) and Lilli Black ( wedding coordinator awesome indeed: hosted a workshop ( it works if you work it!) and asked me to come along for video work and to speak on the topic of “ how photographers can work with a videographer”.

 Sunspot in WinterPark. Taken with Drone.

Sunspot in WinterPark. Taken with Drone.

Well, The views were amazing, the couple was a joy, the workshop was awesome and thought what a perfect weekend. My kids were with me. My husband too took the time off too as a teacher to support this dream job of ours. IT was great. Until the ride home.

David returned to work early so I was driving home by myself with the two kids. In a rush to get out of the mountains before rush hour ( because getting stuck in traffic is the worse nightmare for the Colorado Mountain Wedding videographer or heck anyone for that matter) and my 3 year old starts screaming.

“Why are you screaming! You will wake your brother!” I loudly whispered. “Mom, you forgot to buckle me!” she said. Oh crap! I threw them in the car and forgot to buckle up my 3 year old as we were about to travel through narrow high passes and mountains of Colorado. I pull over as soon as we get to a safe spot. I buckle her up. Okay on the road again.

A few seconds again, More SCREAMING! “ AH, Now what!?” Mommy… I dont feel good.

Then..gaging sounds and crying. Yep, She is throwing up in the backseat. I start to pull over. We have a 2 hour drive left and my own hope for a tear free, stress free ride was that our baby would sleep the whole way. Well, in all the puking, and stopping of the car...he wakes… and is crying screaming in his car seat.

I pull over. I get out and see the car is covered in toddler puke. Both kids are screaming. I do what I can to get rid of the damage. I cry a little myself and start to drive again. My GPS isnt working and being a directional idiot, I am not sure how to get back on the interstate. I am stuck in some tiny mountain town that no Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer has ever been to. Both kids are screaming and crying. I feel myself starting to shake as I just feel so overwhelmed. I cry and quickly look for the entry ramp back to the interstate.

Then lights. Cop lights. Yep, I am being pulled over. As Mr. Mountain Cop pulls me over, I begin to burst into tears. I roll down the window, covered in vomit, face streaming with tears...two kids screaming and I see his look on his face, “ dear lord child what the heck happened here”

For the next 2 minutes straight I forget this cop is actually police as he transforms into my tax payed therapist. I share about the whole day and maybe a little more. He probably couldnt understand a single word through my ugly cry, but I sure did feel better. He excused himself for a moment to return to with a warning for “pausing through that stop sign and not fully stopping”... and I cried a little more that it was a ticket.

He got me back to the interstate and as the kids continued to scream, I frantically searched for Jesus Take the Wheel on the radio. With no luck, I resorted to singing “wheels on the bus” through sobs and snot and thankfully, both kids fell asleep.


Sometimes, its easy forget how human we all are. On the job, I try to give 100% of my professional self to my cilents. They see me as a Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer and that’s what I present to them. But  They don’t know that I have 2 babies at home, that I miss with all of my heart...and when I see your flower girl, I cry inside because I miss  my own so much. They don’t know that I am humiliating myself by pumping in the heat of my car in between shots to make sure I have enough milk for my gordito baby. And they don’t know I am missing my husband who is caring for our kids while I am working for us. AND they dont know that these behind the scenes stories are what make me an amazing Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer. Because I dont just shoot weddings…. I see the importance as a daughter, a mother, a wife to have this film come out wonderfully.


Signing off as your Colorado Mountain Wedding Videographer...and puked covered mom,


Whitney Milton





Apart of the Workshop:

Venue - @winterparkresort - Sunspot and Lunch Rock were our top-of-mountain spots - and we hung around #maryjaneresort during the day. 

Planning was by @sweetlypaired (that's me!)

Florals were by @bella_calla (the little more wild bouquet witht he scarf) and @elledesignflorals (the other bouquet - more controlled, but still fall!)

Linens were @latavolalinen

Rentals were @eventrents (this is chairs, plates, cups, amazing flatware, etc)

Calligraphy and Stationery was Evette Goldstein with Pretty Writing @prettywritingcolorado

Desserts - awesome dessert display by Yours Truly Cupcake - You guys met Erika - @yourstrulycupcake

Videography by the awesome Whitney of @whitneymiltonfilms

Hair and Makeup by April Joy - @beautybyapriljoy



Planner - @sweetlypaired

Floral - @bella_calla

Floral - @elledesignflorals

Linens - @latavolalinen

Rentals - @eventrents

Venue - @winterparkresort

Workshop - @itworksifyouworkshop

Makeup & Hair - @beautybyapriljoy

Dessert - @yourstrulycupcake

Video - @whitmeymiltonfilms

Calligraphy - @prettywritingcolorado 



Photographers - 

Sharee - @shareedavenport_photographer

Alisha -  @alightp

Nina - @larsenphotoco

Paige - @plwportraits

Catherine - @catherineeichelphotography

Erin - @erinwittphotography

Molly -

Olivia - olfilmandphoto

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