Colorado Wedding Videographer: best Groom's face ever!


As a Colorado wedding videographer, I love intimate wedding and elopements. This wedding wasn’t actually very small and certainly not an elopement. But the couple themselves were so intimate and about giving space to their special day ( without the rush of a big wedding) that I forgot it was a big wedding!


As a Colorado Wedding videographer, I was blown away by stephanie and  kevin’s tender emotion towards each other. They cried. ALOT. true guiene tears of love for each other. As you will see in the first few minutes of the fim, Stephanie begins to cry within minutes of reading her groom’s letter. AND then Stephanie returns the favor when Kevin begins to read her sweet words.


And then comes the “first touch” where Kevin still didn't get to see his bride, but was able to hold her hand in anticipation for the moment he gets to watch her walk down the aisle and declare forever to the world. He was crying before he even touched her hand. His love is real ya’ll.


And then the big one. As a Colorado Wedding Videographer, I am sorry to say, but I can’t help but smile when a groom tears up as he sees his bride for the first time. AND well, I was smiling big time as Stephanie walked down the aisle. DID YOU SEE HIS FACE? Oh he was a mess. At first the tried to hold it back. But come on ya’ll, Stephanie was just too beautiful. Perfect shining hair, gorgeous face with a smile that can knock anyone off their feet and a stunning dress from the Bridal Collection!


But then Stephanie turned down towards the aisle and Kevin lost is completely. Kevin is actually an airplane pilot so he knows how to keep it cool. But when it comes to his woman, there is no hope. And as a Colorado Wedding Videographer, well I dont mind. What  beautiful footage of their special day.


Stephanie and Kevin also LOVE to dance. They had a beautiful first dance and hit the party dance floor in true celebration!


Well, please check out their video and leave an encouraging note! And if you are in need of a Colorado Wedding Videographer, give me a call!


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