Intimate Wedding Videographer in Denver City

I LOVE intimate wedding videos. This couple did not have the 'smallest' wedding, like some of my elopements in the mountains, but their wedding was very intimate none the less. As a colorado wedding videographer, intimate weddings are my favorite. You really get to see the life, personalities and love between the couple and their family and friends.

Most of the time, I would love to spend my time hiking throughout the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park, capturing elopement and small, intimate wedding videos for beautiful couples declaring their forever love to each other. So often, the gorgeous mountains, so bold and breathtaking are like a bold symbol of the couple's love and commitment as sure as the mountains.

However, this wedding was in the city, at Denver Civic Center to be exact. Not my typical cilents but I WAS AND AM in LOVE with this couple! AND honestly, it was as breathtaking, moving,  intimate and authentic as any couple I have ever filmed in getting married in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

I try very hard to make unique and authentic videos for my couples. I want to show the intimacy and complexity that each of my couples have and so work to make sure that each of my videos reflect who they are. Bryce and Monica are very artistic souls. I wanted theirintimate wedding video to reflect the artistic nature of their love.

The main thing they wanted me to know was the importance of their intimate setting being portrayed in their circle ceremony. The aerial drone perspective I think was able to capture that! They are from the city and wanted a lot of their love of the city to be shown here too. 

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