How to turn cell phone videos into a cinematic film in 4 Easy Steps

I started this weird tradition when my husband I were first married: to set up a video camera on a tripod while we were decorating our Christmas tree.

This was before I became a wedding videographer in Colorado. But I thought it would be fun one day to show our future kids what their dorky ( I mean super cool) parents looked like. I also thought it could be a reminder of our young love for David and I years down the line. And well since then ( now 7 years later) I have collected A LOT of home footage. And this Father's Day I finally got  around to putting something together with all these short clips of our parenting and kiddos! And Below I have 4 tips on how you can turn all your cellphone footage into a cinematic film!


I find videos so powerful. Of course as a professional videographer, I am a bit biased. But I am not just talking about professionally edited footage. I am talking about the raw, low grade footage you take on  your phone of your personal stories. If you go through your phone over the last 5 years, what will you find? I guarantee you can get lost down memory lane, laughing and crying along the way! 

But what can you do with all this footage? While I use professional editing software---this video I put together could have been done with ANY free software like Imovie! Here are 4 Easy Steps to make your cellphone footage into

So First, I went through new and old cell footage saved through the years on my google drive, selected the video clips with movement and emotion and meaning to me and then I imported them into my software.

Then, I picked out my music ( check out sites like and for affordable music options) and let the music guide. Find a song that moves you and let it guide you in how you want to tell your story. Cut and splice your video clips to fit the beat and emotion of the music! This part is key. I am a wedding videographer in Colorado and am often asked if I plan out a story board before I go into shooting a wedding. Honestly no. I do a lot of planning and notes and ideas of what I want to incorporate into the film according to the stories and personalities of my couple, but I find the music will often guide the pace and outline of my film. 

To add voiceover, you can simply record on your phone ( find free recording apps) Or even record with  your computer and upload the mp3 voice recording to your video! Dont worry about talking through it perfectly, you can always cut and splice  your audio file in your editing software. 

Then, I add any transitions and/or effects you might want. Fade music in or out. ( Dont forget to use YouTube tutorials if you need help!) and transition one scene to another. Then Export to your computer!

Wish you each the best with your footage. Keep capturing memories and telling stories!


Whitney Milton FILMS

I am a wedding videographer in Colorado. I LOVE capturing and re-telling love stories that inspire us! Reach out to me today to have my team capture your story.