Denver Wedding Videographer: Remember to have fun!


As a Denver wedding videographer, I love it when couples think outside the box. And this couple totally did and were amazing. Monica wore her grandmother's wedding dress and totally rocked it. They had a circle ceremony to remind themselves of their loving tribe and support they have of their marriage. And they were cool with me flying my drone to catch their I do kiss on film!

But even more than all the cool stuff they had at their wedding ( they had antique typewriters for guests to give an encouraging word to the couple), this couple themselves are what made this wedding so amazing. As a Denver wedding videographer, I see couples invest in a lot of "stuff" to make it perfect, but  then they don’t seem to be having fun! Heck, I did at my wedding and yet... I was miserable. It was not a fun day for me. So what did my photos and video look like? well, I looked tense and uncomfortable and like I really needed a massage. What made this couple stand out was...well, they were having fun and genuine to themselves!!

Bryce twirled and danced Monica all throughout the streets of Denver. Their first dance showed off their favorite music, style and personalities. They were not concerned with everything going perfect.... It seriously felt like they were just hosting a huge party to have fun with their friends to celebrate their love....and that made it perfect!

Wait, isnt that was this day is suppose to be about? So remember this: have fun and celebrate! Pick out the best photographer and videographer to capture it. Invest in the makeup artist at you love and will make you feel ever so pretty.  Pick a coordinator to handle the stress...Choose cake you want to eat :-) and a DJ that knows your style and then.... party and celebrate! And let the little things go. And I promise, as  Denver Wedding videographer, your images and video will reflect so much more the couple and love you have!