Love story From Within


As a Denver videographer, I tell a lot of love stories. The most obvious love story I tell is, well, wedding stories. They are full of kissing, laughter, intimacy and dancing. But what I find surprises most people is when I describe my branding films as love stories.

When I get a call from a business owner asking for a branding film, I hear the desire and passion as they talk about their business. Rarely will someone spend a over a grand on something they dont truly value. And you can tell, the business they are wanting to show in  video, is their passion. 

So when I work with my branding clients as a Denver videographer, its a very intimate love story for sure. I meet them for coffee and really hear how their relationship to their work began. I hear the struggles, the ups and the downs--- and I see their eyes become alive when they talk about when they finally found their passion---their life's calling.

This is how it is with all of my branding films, and not any different with Keziah and Elliana. Keziah Kelsey and Elliana Gilbert are two amazing photographers that focus on capturing motherhood. Their work is breathtakingly beautiful. TRULY....pause what you are doing, and can't- stop -looking- at -this- picture-beautiful. When I met them for coffee and many skypes, I could see how passionate they were about their own stories and how this made their work come alive. Working with them was more a more intimate process than any of my wedding couples and I have a feeling that is how each of their cilents feel! You can see both of their websites here:   and 

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