Denver Videographer: Creating a Brand Video that is Truly Worth It

I am a huge follower of Sue Bryce. Not only is her work amazing, but she is such an inspiring business woman! One thing she truly encourages all small businesses--especially photographers, to do is to have your own branding video. 

One of the most important aspects of a promotional film is your style and brand coming through--- not the videographers. Many times videographers will simply film and create--a beautiful film--- but it doesn't allow you to really get to know the photographer, only the videographer. 

As a Denver Videographer, When I work with small businesses, we will begin a little journey together to really grasp you and brand so when people see the film---they really feel they got to know you. First we will meet in person over coffee. During this time, I hear your story, your journey as a business woman, your passion and drive as a photographer. I study your website work, and social media. And I write you a script. I send it to you, we can meet again over skype or phone to talk through what you liked, what you didnt like. And perfect it. Finally we set up film day/s. 

When I met Ginny over coffee, I was so thankful to hear her story as a woman, a business owner, wife and mother. It was beautiful to see  how her own personal struggles as a girl to a woman, truly transformed her passion as a Female Portrait Artist. Check out her work here: From Boudoir to Maternity photography, she really cares for her clients through the entire photography session and editing process. Check out her latest promotional/ branding film I did for her:



Whitney Milton